Milton’s Story: Our Reason to be KIND

dscn9339-copyWhen Milton was born, Nancy could not bear to leave her little man’s side. Every minute held something new – an update from doctors, a medical intervention, a cry from her newborn – and Nancy wanted to make sure she was close to him for all of it.

She was a new mom, living miles away from her family, and she had a sick baby with more challenges than letters in his name. Every time doctors walked through the door, there was a new diagnosis, a new reason why her son would have to fight to live to see his first birthday.


“The House made possible our dreams of having our son and watching him grow. This beautiful house welcomes everyone who walks through the doors with all the comforts of home. We only ever worried about the medical problems our son was facing as they gave us their unconditional support in every aspect of our stay. To the supporters of this house I say: thank you for giving us transportation – that was the most important thing for us… to be close to the child we loved, day by day helping him to fight his illnesses.” – Nancy, Atlantic City

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Milton was able to have his mom and dad by his side every single day for eleven months thanks to volunteers who sat behind the wheel and drove through crowded streets to deliver weary parents to their newborn treasure. When volunteers were not available because they wanted to stay bedside with Milton, Nancy and her husband could depend on taxi vouchers to bring them back to the comforts of home, a hot meal and a warm bed.

Every day, there are 25 families who depend on RMHSNJ to transport them to their child’s side at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and to chemotherapy appointments at Wills Eye Hospital. We are able to do so with a van that volunteers drive on a daily schedule, but we want to do more for families and their sick children. We want to make the world a little more kind for them.

We are competing to win $10,000 from the KIND Foundation, the same people who make delicious KIND snack bars. We need your help to win funds that that will help us enhance the transportation services we are currently providing our moms and dads.

Please vote to keep families close to their little ones. It will probably take no more than a minute and it will ensure that sick children have time to heal with their parents at their side.

To vote, you simply pledge a kind act to make the world brighter, one person at a time. 

You can vote with your Facebook log-in or you can create a quick profile. It will take you less than a minute but the effect will be felt for months to come by our families.

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