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Meals Program

Thank you for your interest in our Family Dinner Program! Being able to provide a homemade meal is one of the most important ways we can help those we serve. At the end of a long day of medical care, our families thoroughly enjoy sitting together and enjoying a home-cooked meal. Having one less worry, families can focus all their energy on helping their sick child. Preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner is a way to enlist community involvement in our Ronald McDonald House.

You can arrange a time to join us at the House to cook in the Ronald House kitchen. The families who stay at the House really enjoy the nourishment provided by our Family Meals Volunteers. 


Purchase all ingredients to prepare meal

2 Hours Maximum  – No more than 10 volunteers


Breakfast Arrival Time: 7:45am (Week days)

(Please do not arrive before then – no will be in the office to open the gate)

Breakfast Arrival Time: 9:00am (Weekends)

Dinner Arrival Time:  4:30pm

(Dinner is served at 5:30pm)




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Please READ – Meal Guideline

Family Fun Activities at Night

Groups are encouraged to sign up and host a Family Fun Night at the Ronald McDonald House. Our wonderful volunteers have been teaming up to make the nights a fun time for our families while they are staying here. Groups have hosted game nights, arts & crafts, Bingo games, & manicure nights for our moms and daughters.

WHOLE FAMILY APPROACH – If you decide to provide a child-focused activity, please remember that we have many adult family members staying at the House and that these activities offer stress-relief for them as well. Think about how you can include the adults as much as the kids in your activity.

*Activities should accommodate at least 12 participants

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Please READ: Activities Guidelines


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