Eligibility Requirements

The House serves families of pediatric patients age 21 and younger who are being actively treated at area hospitals. For patients who are not admitted to the hospital, but are receiving treatment, we require a minimum of two hospital visits per week. Female patients being treated for high-risk pregnancies also qualify to stay.

Families must live at least 35 miles away from the House to be eligible.

Initial referrals for room requests must be received from either a social worker, nurse or physician at the patient’s hospital or doctor’s office.

Although a family may be eligible to stay, priority on the room request will be determined according to the severity of the child’s medical condition and the distance traveled to the hospital for care, in coordination with the referring hospital.

RMH OF SNJ does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, immigration status, housing status, gender status, or ability to pay for their stay.