Construction Renovation

Construction is COMPLETE!

We invite you to come and take a tour to see our newly renovated 1st floor.

After 35 years of providing hope, encouragement and comfort when families need it most, Ronald McDonald House Southern New Jersey has served more than 27, 000 families in Camden, NJ. Our House has had tremendous impact on families whose children are battling life-threatening medical conditions and injuries by providing a “home away from home” when Home is miles away.

As our community and pediatric medical services have grown, so has the need for our House. With approval from the Board of Trustees, we have committed to renovating the 1st Floor of our Ronald McDonald House. The proposed renovation will provide much needed space and improve the experience our families share when they stay in our House.

In Camden, we are truly blessed. Home to world-renowned hospitals, our community offers access to some of the most cutting-edge pediatric treatment medicine has to offer. Because of this, each year thousands of children are referred here for life-saving medical care. Children come with their families from all over the United States and even the world, for one thing their own communities cannot offer – hope for a brighter future with advanced sub-specialty medical care.

Alone and in an unfamiliar city, these families find physical and emotional refuge through the Ronald McDonald House Southern New Jersey. But the number of families who need us far exceed those we can accommodate. For every family we help, dozens more are turned away. Sometimes as many as 15 families per night.

Therefore, after a year of planning, we are thrilled to watch construction begin and our 1st Floor renovation become reality, ensuring our Southern New Jersey Home continues offering access to not only the best pediatric care, but the most effective and compassionate family-centered care. With the support of the community, you can help us serve families in crisis who come to our House in Camden in search of medical treatment at our regions world class medical institutions.

Construction began in January 2018, occurring over a four-month process in four separate phases.  The House will reflect a commitment to incorporate best practices into all of our programs and services. Each amenity included in the design of the new Family Kitchen and Group Kitchen was carefully designed through input from staff, volunteers and families. The new kitchen will serve approximately 28 families daily and 800 families annually with an additional 800 volunteers who prepare hot meals for our guests.

The renovation will have state-of-the-art amenities, while keeping the heart and soul of the Ronald McDonald House mission front and center with our focus on being a place of shelter, comfort, and support.

The renovation 1st phase will begin in the TV Living Room area, working our way to the main entrance of our Home. The Living Room and Family Lounge with TV will accommodate three separate seating areas and new office space will accommodate staff, volunteers and interns who dedicate their time and talents to our mission of “keeping families close.”

Renovation will include:

  • Strategically designed community gathering spaces that promote interaction among guests
  • Accessible Family kitchen giving families access 24hr, 7 days per week
  • New Group Kitchen with commercial dishwashers and larger amenities for group food preparation
  • A state-of-the-art Welcome Center to greet each guest on arrival
  • Laundry Facilities to wash all of our comforters, sheets and blankets
  • New Living Room/TV lounge area for family gatherings, interaction and television viewing
  • Office space for House staff, volunteers and interns
  • Children’s Play area to foster new friendships
  • New Aquarium tanks for our Fish Friends who are the highlight our of House


There are naming opportunities and donations are still needed to fund the 1st Floor Renovation Project. For more information, please contact Teddy Thomas, Executive Director, or Tina Fiorentino, Development Director at 856-966-4663.

Learn more about the project and sponsorship opportunities Click here.

The Building Committee has been working diligently with our architects, to create a new inspiring updated design. Construction and building partners include R2 Architects, Space by Spielman, and Glendale Builders.

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